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Saturday, April 21, 2018
To be withdrawn: Friday, April  26, 2018
(The following is  a fictionalized  account containing
the  clues to the  following  longevity puzzles):

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


​                The  Continuing Saga of Longeviton Township USA (U Stop Aging) . . .  

Exercising  the WHOLE body for longevity.

The Elastic Man, a super-centenarian, was often called upon to elucidate (shed light on) as to whether his walking is an aerobic (good for the heart and lungs) or an anaerobic (physical strength) workout?

In effect, if done correctly it is both.

Statin drugs induced metamorphosis (complete change of physical
form) resulting in sacrificing one's health, however, is visually
awesome (extremely impressive). However the fee is heavy. He
would then punctuate with “Walking sprightly is your best

Accordingly, dangling arms and the slow gait of a person
reflects the effete (weak, exhausted) condition of the overall
health: walk with your whole body.

“To sleep is to rejuvenate”, he told Slug. “It's not to lay there
and be as insensate (unconscious) as a log. Reap the restorative
benefits of sleep. Don't let the incubus (nocturnal demon)
overstate the transitory problems of the day. Keep your day out
of your night”.

Coming up: Brain Aerobics


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