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Saturday, March 17, 2018
To be withdrawn: Friday, March 23, 2018
(The following is  a fictionalized  account containing
the  clues to the  following  longevity puzzles):


The Miracle Miler Made the
A ct of Making the Unattainable Attainable.
Should you plan to live longer than statistics and people expect . . . is it practically attainable?

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never give in. . .
never, never, never, never

"The Fastest Man on Earth Dies at 88 Years of Ag​e.
Sir Roger Bannister passed away this month on March 3rd.

“What do you mean 'tangential' (sudden divergence) exactly?”,
Slug asked his teacher.

“Well, for example, Roger would train perhaps one tenth of a
mile with rest intervals." Dr. Peters, The Elastic Man, responded,
" This he would do at 'peak mile' speeds.”

“The welcome mat for Dr. Bannister turned out, nonetheless, to
be somewhat spurious (not genuine or real).. . in light of the shortlived record. Barely a year after Bannister's giant stride,
John Landy ran the mile under 4 minutes. Then some more runners did it . . . now it's almost routine . . . even strong high school students today run a 4 minute mile.”

“Pembroke College, Cambridge, recently, made Roger the
prestigious Member of the Order of the Companion of Honour.
The 4 minute Man, “gently” ironical, attended the ceremony in a
wheel chair. The modest man blushed as he listened to
panegyrics (formal praise) by his colleagues about his sport
achievements,” Slug's old professor continued.

So what's so great about Banister's breakthrough? He changed
the perception of what is possible. Can a super centenarian do
the same? Just watch!

Our Saga Continues . . .

Age did not diminish The Elastic Man's sartorial (relating to
clothes) elegance . . . or his interest in female beauty. “

"Age has as much to do with conjugal (marriage) bless as a raisin”, he wouldoften chide. (scold). He was extremely focused, "that is,
if yourgoal is connubial (marriage) bless, don't aspire to be a mile racer."

Slug finally offered hs advice, “Do you want to know . . . really . . .
how I feel. I'll tell you. Of course, I want to be healthy and live
long. But I'm only trying to survive, I'm trying to earn a living, and
pay the rent and my bills and just live my life day-to-day.”

The Professor succinctly answered, “That's another seminar.”

Respectfully Slug backed off a little, “Even so, Professor, I'm
listening and hopefully some of your advice will stick. I do agree
with you completely. Perhaps I can't express it as well as I should
. . . however, I do find your philosophy motivating.”

The Professor spent that evening deservedly relaxing in his
den where he proudly displayed a protean (diverse) selection of
model ships. On special occasions he even wore his naval cap,
complete with cockade (rosette worn on the hat as a badge),
presented to him by an old sailor, the maker of his favorite model

(Coming Next Saturday:
the old centenarian professor reveals the critical basics to obtain your 'Second Helping', that is, the Years Over 100.)​


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