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The Longevity Puzzle:
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Saturday, February 17, 2018
To be withdrawn: Friday, February  23, 2018
(The following is  a fictionalized  account containing
the  clues to the  following  longevity puzzles):


Life's Passing Parade

As Dr. Peters, the 100-year-old  Elastic Man,
caught up to the music,
he noted that it is the sound of a
funeral marching band passing.

At the same time, one could hear the lugubrious (mournful)
howls of the neighbourhood dogs in the background adding an even greater sadness to the occasion.

Furthermore the rear man in the parade was a true delineation
(portrayal) of a battle-scared veteran. Whispered a bystander,
“the funeral cortege (solemn procession) was for the man who
ate the rat bait”.

Noisy cab drivers with posters were on the street trying to
nullify (declare invalid) the intruder Uber.

A honking vintage car with a “JUST MARRIED” sign passed
with a handsome couple, one white and one black, dressed in
their matrimonial finery. The scene is a reminder of the horrible
racist times when some states passed laws against
miscegenation (intermarriage between races).

Finally, in due time, The Elastic Man passed the ramrod (very
straight figure) sentinel who didn't make a cursory (sideways)

The sight of the soldier on duty, combined with a vinegary
scent in the air, reminded him of the acrid (pungent smelling) gas
during World War One that changed lives in a jiffy.

Then to breakfast - or more accurately a small collation (light
meal) -  at the “Mayfair” often frequented by gourmands (excessive
gourmets) for their fine French cuisine buffets.

(Author: Next Saturday the 100-year-old professor meets with Slug,
his student, who worships his teacher  as a ' One Man Legend').


​​Solutions: Crossword clues are in the short text and 'Word List' above.​​

Your 'anti-aging' word power just grew.



Don Abrams is a retired twenty-five-year Professor from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

Based on a previous best-seller, The Profit Taker, he has conducted more than 100 seminars at leading universities and colleges in Canada, the U.S., and China.

Connect with Don online at: www.profsmarba@aol.com.
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